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After work - remove the personal data from computer
Erase personal data after your work!

Your Operating System and installed applications tracks all your actions (including fixing recently opened documents) and stores data about you but without you! If you want to keep your personal information in privacy you should be aware of the fact that every browser and other components of OS stores information about all web sites you have visited and other sensitive data including your passwords, search keywords you entered into search engine or a toolbar, payment methods data, cookies, recently visited web sites and opened documents.

"After Work" erases online and offline history:

- Temporary Internet Files
- Internet Explorer cache
- Typed urls in browser
- Opened documents
- Started programs
- Temporary registry values

Ensure your privacy and keep sensitive information secure!
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User comments:

When you use a shared computer, you may be afraid that other people can use your personal information. So how can you delete all of your sensitive information after making a purchase online?

You can go to "Control Panel" > "Internet Option" to delete your history and cookie. However, that method is very inconvenient. There are many software that help you delete your information after finishing your work. I recommend you "After Work" because it is a freeware. Besides, this software is very easy to understand and use.

Even when using it in your private computer, "After Work" is still very useful. It helps speed up the system by cleaning up all the "trash" that Microsoft Windows piled up.

There are many ways to keep your information safe and secret. You can delete your history and cookies, use software to clean up all of your information after finishing, encrypt your data or use software to protect your data from intruders. It is up to you to choose your convenient way. Normally, I always delete my data after using my credit card to trade in the Internet. Therefore, nobody can get my information.

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